Importing Images into WinSchool

Please ensure that you have the correct photo CD (labelled "WinSchool").  CDs designed for other admin packages will not import into WinSchool.

  1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Run WinSchool.
  3. Click on Details, then File, then Load Pictures.
  4. In the "Import Students" window, click OK.
  5. In the "Student Picture Import Control File" window, under Drives, choose your CD-ROM drive (usually drive D or E).
  6. Double-click on the folder "WinSchool" (might appear as "winsch~5" or similar, depending on your system).
  7. Click on the filename (Datafile.txt) and then click OK.

    A "Student Pictures Import" window will open and WinSchool will start loading the students' photos, building a list of records. A status bar at the top indicates both the number of pages and the percentage complete. This may take a minute or more, depending on the size of the file.

    Note: the list indicates "student # - picture replaced" for each student's picture loaded, as well as errors, ie. "*** Error in input file at line xx : Student number is blank".

  8. Once complete, click on the X in the top right corner to close the window.
  9. Open several students' records to verify that their photos have been loaded.

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Calling for Help

If you require assistance with your WinSchool program, please visit the Chancery Software tech support website or phone them at 1-800-688-9939.

If you experience difficulties with your Mountain West CD, you may contact our Digital Department via email, or via telephone at 604-433-0551 ext.122 within Greater Vancouver, or 1-888-644-4494 ext.122 toll-free from all other areas.