Importing Images into Turbo-School

Please ensure that you have the correct photo CD (labelled "Turbo" or Turbo-School"). CDs designed for other admin packages will not import into Turbo-School.

Your student picture filenames are in the format "number.jpg", where "number" is the 4-digit Turbo-School-generated number that appears in the "student#" data field of the ASCII file that you submitted before your photo date.

  1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Run Turbo-School.
  3. Select U for Utilities.
  4. Select 4 for Special Printouts.
  5. Select F for Photo Studio Exports & Imports.
  6. Select 9 to Import photos from CD or diskette.
  7. Select Yes to erase last year's images if you are installing from your ORIGINAL photo day, or No if you are installing from your RETAKE disc.
  8. Select your CD-ROM drive to import from (usually drive D or E).

Note for Mac users running Turbo-School under VirtualPC:

You will be unable to import images if you are running Turbo-School under Virtual PC; this is an issue with Turbo-School/VirtualPC, and not with the Mountain West CD. However, if you install Windows under VirtualPC, then install Turbo-School under Windows, you will be able to run Turbo-School from Windows which will allow you to import the images.

Sorry, we cannot provide support for this operation as it's not an issue with our CD. Only attempt to do this if you have sufficient knowledge to repair any problems that may occur.

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Calling for Help

If you require assistance with your Turbo-School program, please email TCS Developments tech support or phone them at 604-266-3798.

If you experience difficulties with your Mountain West CD, you may contact our Digital Department via email, or via telephone at 604-433-0551 ext.122 from Greater Vancouver, or 1-888-644-4494 ext.122 toll-free from all other areas.