Importing Images into Trevlac

Please ensure that you have the correct photo CD (labelled "Trevlac"). CDs designed for other admin packages will not import into The School Administrator.

Your photos should match the Trevlac student numbers. Images should be named either student#.jpg or student#.bmp. Mountain West supplies .jpg images.

  1. Place the Mountain West CD into your CD-ROM drive, and copy the images to your hard drive. The photos should be placed in their own folder within the Trevlac7 folder, ie. t:\trevlac7\photos\.  The folder name can be name of your choice.
  2. Run Trevlac.
  3. Go to System, Define System Parameters, General Tab, Page 2 and click on the field "Do not embed photos, store reference path only" and Save.
  4. Go to Utilities, Student Information, Import Student Pictures.
  5. Choose Import Format of Student Number. Parent Directory of Pictures files should be the Picture folder in the Trevlac7 folder, ie. t:\trevlac7\photos\. Picture format should be *.jpg
  6. Click on the green checkmark (Process icon) and the pictures will import, provided that the photo name and the student's Trevlac7 student number are the same. This process can take a while.

Note: If the field selection mentioned in Step 3 isn't available, a registered OLE server needs to be installed on your computer to allow it to display the photos. Windows Photo Editor worked well but is no longer available with the newer Operating Systems. Your school or district IT tech will need to install the registered OLE server, OR you can contact our Digital Department to have .bmp images supplied instead of .jpg images.

Quick Links

Calling for Help

If you require assistance with The School Administrator program, please visit the Trevlac website or phone them at 1-800-265-1653.

If you experience difficulties with your Mountain West CD, you may contact our Digital Department via email, or via telephone at 604-433-0551 ext.122 within Greater Vancouver, or 1-888-644-4494 ext.122 toll-free from all other areas.