Importing Images into MacSchool

Please ensure that you have the correct photo CD (labelled "MacSchool"); CDs designed for other admin packages will not import into MacSchool.

  1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Run MacSchool.
  3. Start Details.
  4. Choose File from the menu.
  5. Choose Import Student Pictures from the File menu.
  6. Two radio buttons are shown. Select either "Students who did not receive a picture" or "Students who did receive a picture." Based on your selection those students will be listed in the results window. This is so that you can easily see which students still require a picture.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The window that appears is titled "Please specify the location of the student picture data". This window contains a list of possible locations to import the picture data from.
  9. Click on the button labeled Desktop that is located on the right side of this window.
  10. Click once on the icon that represents the photo CD to highlight it.
  11. Click on the button labeled Select "the name of your CD." This button is located directly below the list of locations.

Details will produce a window that displays how many student pictures have been imported. If you receive an error message, or Details reports that 0 pictures were imported, please see some of the related items.

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Calling for Help

If you require assistance with your MacSchool program, please visit the Chancery Software tech support website or phone them at 1-800-688-9939.

If you experience difficulties with your Mountain West CD, you may contact our Digital Department via email, or via telephone at 604-433-0551 ext.122 from Greater Vancouver, or 1-888-644-4494 ext.122 toll-free from all other areas.