ASCII Student Data File FAQ

What is a Student Data File?

This is a file which is generated by your school administration software, and contains student information such as firstname, lastname, grade, division, and student#.

What is an ASCII file?

An ASCII file is another name for a Student Data File (see above). It's a plain-text file, readable by all computer types and operating systems. It does not contain any formatting (ie. boldface, page breaks, etc.) except for carriage returns. "ASCII" (pronounced "ASS-key") stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Who needs to do this?

If you are requesting digital services, it is imperative that we receive information about your students in order for us to identify them. If we do not receive this information, we cannot produce digital services for your school.

When should we do this?

We require your data file at least one week prior to your photo day. We appreciate that school administrators are extremely busy, particularly in the first weeks of school, but without this data we will not know the identities of the students and will not be able to produce the services that you have requested.

What if not all of the students have registered yet?

If we receive a file with "most" of the students, we can work around it by manually adding those students on photo day. If we receive "no" information we cannot create any digital services.

What is required?

Data for all current students in your school must be provided in Excel file format and must include the following details for each student:

(School, Last name, First name, Grade, Div./Home rm, Student ID #, Library # (only if library card is needed), Prov. Educ. # (only for North Van and Delta).
If there is more than one ID allocated to a student, please provide both in separate columns.       Staff data is required as: (last name, first name, div./homeroom)

We cannot accept files in any other format such as PDFs.

How can I provide the file?

Can we send you a printout of the students instead?

Sorry, we cannot accept hard-copy lists. We can only accept data files as described above. It is not possible for us to manually enter all the information in time for your photo day.

For additional information or assistance, email our Digital Department. If you are in Greater Vancouver, call us at 604-433-0551, ext. 110. For all other areas, our toll-free number is 1-888-644-4494 ext.110.