School Image Software CD

SIS ThumbnailSchool Image Software by Mountain West Studios is a powerful software program used in schools throughout North America. SIS lets you keep track of student records, and print useful services from a variety of customizable templates. Its intuitive menus make it easy to learn and simple to use.

Although its primary market is school administration, it's an excellent security and human-resources application for organizations needing to keep track of a large workforce and/or call-out and transient workers. And with a notebook computer, portable printer, and laminator, on-site printing of ID cards is possible.

  • Database Management - Easy-to-use tab format with advanced options; its intuitive interface is easy to learn and remember.
  • Student Directories - Print directories of your entire school or certain grades or home rooms. Sort alphabetically by school, grade, room, teacher, division, CAP, TAG, GSG, etc.
  • Seating Plans - Easily create, modify, and print customizable seating plans and class lists.
  • Awards - Print customizable awards and certificates for individual students or groups of students; numerous modifiable sample templates are included.
  • Emergency Information - Emergency contact and medical information can be easily imported, reviewed, and printed out.
  • ID Cards - With your background image and school logo, you can custom-design and print ID cards and special-event badges.
  • Additional Features - Barcoding of student numbers, customizable security levels, easily updated.
  • Platforms - Windows 98 through Windows Vista.

Pocket SIS for Windows-CE based Pocket PC devices

  • Totally portable; Pocket SIS can be used in hallways, on field trips, and away from the school.
  • Enables administrators and security personnel to identify students and look up their schedule on the spot.
  • Update and sync both data and images with your desktop computer's School Image Software program.
  • Database can include key information such as class schedule, medical alerts, discipline history, and student photo.
  • You can view a full-screen image by tapping on the image thumbnail.
  • Robust student query with a powerful search feature.
  • User-friendly documentation with step-by-step instructions.
  • Pocket SIS is only available as an addition to the PC version of School Image Software, and may not be purchased separately.

View screen shots: Schedule screen | Discipline screen | Pocket PC image

Support for Palm-OS devices

  • We now offer photographic database software for Palm-OS devices.
  • Installation files are prepared by Mountain West for easy loading into your Palm computer.
  • MWS School Image Software is not required.

Please contact your Mountain West Studios area manager for additional information, or contact our customer service department to arrange a presentation.