FAQs: Secondary School Photography

Secondary School Photo Day

What are some tips for great photos?

Long sleeves are recommended, and small patterns or solid bright colours photograph best. Avoid wearing stripes or very pale colours. It's also best to avoid wearing green or solid white if your school is being photographed using green screen technology. Hair should be neat.

Can I wear my hat for my picture?

The reason for a “No Hats” policy is that hats create a dark shadow over the eyes in most cases. Where headgear is worn for religious purposes, of course it may be worn for the picture. Any shadows produced from this will not be retouched. Students and parents should be aware that wearing hats before having their picture taken will result in messy hair or "hathead".

May I pay by cheque?

Yes. As long as the parent (or guardian)’s name, address and phone number are printed on the cheque. Please make cheques payable to Mountain West Studios Ltd. We do not accept postdated cheques.

What if I missed the first photo session?

Your school's office will know when our photographer returns for additional portraits (about a month after your first photo day).

I don’t like my pictures. Can I get Retakes?

Yes. The second photo session is generally posted in the school newsletter, or you may enquire at your school's office.

Can I order if I missed the order Deadline (Expiry Date)?

Yes. If the photo orders have already been picked up from your school, then you can order online at mountainwest.ca or send your order directly to our head office at 6869 Merritt Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5J 4R5. Be sure to include your home address! PLEASE NOTE: an extra $10 will be applicable for individual handling, packaging and shipping (separately from the rest of your school).

I haven’t received my photos yet...what do I do now?

Occasionally a package is misplaced. Check back with the school office in a few days. Visit mountainwest.ca and click on Check Order Status. There, you’ll be instructed to fill out some information. Our customer service department will look into the situation and contact you shortly. Please be prepared to have your photo taken during the second photo session in the unlikely event that we’re unable to quickly resolve the matter.

I like the package I’ve received. Can I order more?

Yes. You may order more photos online at mountainwest.ca or by submitting the Re-Order form included in your package.

At Mountain West Studios we provide two types of payment programs for our customers: Preview and Select. The following FAQs pertain to those specific programs.

Preview Program

With our preview plans, you may preview proofs of two poses before you submit your order. About seven to ten days after photo day your photos will be viewable online, or on your order envelope made available at your school.

Are the finished enlargements exactly like the previews?

No. Previews are only first-run prints meant to check for facial expression; the finished enlargements will be cropped slightly (excess background removed), and corrected for density and colour.

Is it okay to order from both Previews?

Yes. Custom units and complete packages may be ordered from both previews, however both poses can not be included in one single package.

Why did I receive just one and not two proofs?

In most instances there will be 2 preview poses. If the second pose is unusable (if eyes are closed), we will share only the best preview.

I don’t really like my previews. Can I get retakes?

Yes. If you would prefer not to order, simply keep the order envelope. The second photo session is generally posted in the school newsletter, or you may enquire at your school's office.

Select Program

If your school is on the Select Program, your school will inform you about your upcoming photo session and will provide you with order envelopes. On picture day, please bring your photo envelope, payment, and a smile to your Mountain West Studios photographer.

Do I have to order and pay on photo day?

Yes. To receive a package, your order and payment must be given to the photographer as the photo is taken otherwise you will only receive an ID card.

I only had my ID photo today. May I order packages later?

Yes. Just add $10 to your order for individual processing and handling fee and send your order directly to our processing lab in Burnaby. The address is on your order form.

Must I have exact change?

Exact amounts are preferred, but i most cases our photographers can make change for you instead of the office.

Is it necessary to bring the envelope to the photographer?

Yes and No. If you would like to avoid the $10 processing and handling fee for individual packages and to receive your order in the quickest way possible, you will need to submit your envelope when your photo is taken. If your photo is for an ID card / yearbook photo only, you DO NOT need to submit an envelope.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact us.