Secondary School Photography

Your high school years are some of the best years of your life and we want to capture those times for you. Mountain West Studios offers popular backgrounds, products and services that do just that.

We offer portrait plans with a wide selection of packages and pricing:

  • Select Plan: Easy and convenient. Students submit their orders and payment on photo day and get their portraits back within two weeks.
  • Online Plan: Gives parents and students the opportunity to see their proofs online and choose their backgrounds and products. Packages are  delivered directly to the home.

Mountain West Studios provides:

  • Experienced Photographers for a smooth and orderly photo day. 
  • Retakes: Quick, easy and hassle-free. * Due to COVID, retakes may be restricted.
  • Customized ID Cards: Bar-coded, stylish, credit card-sized and laminated.

Students and parents can expect a two-week delivery of ID Cards and portrait packages (given they are submitted with the rest of the school's orders, before the early order deadline).