How do I get the webcode?

Your unique 8-digit webcode can be found on the student ID card, Webcard flyer, or order envelope that your child will receive from their school approx. 7-10 days after Photo Day.

Can I access the ordering website without a webcode?

Yes- go to myorder.mountainwest.ca and select the “No Code” option. Provide the information requested, and it will direct you to the ordering site.

How much time does it take for orders to be mailed out?

Our current turnaround time is 7-10 days from your order date. Orders will be mailed directly to your home.

How do I retrieve my digital download?

7-10 days after you order your photos, please visit download.mountainwest.ca, enter your webcode and your sales order number (SAL), both of which can be found on your confirmation receipt or your digital download confirmation email. If you are having issues, please check your spam folder.

Why are digital downloads not given instantly?

Your high-resolution images are processed for color and quality, and customized as requested. Digital downloads will be ready 7-10 days from your order date.

Why am I being charged a "ship to home" fee?

This year we are shipping orders directly to homes instead of to schools. This was done as a safety measure, as well as to ensure that orders arrived at customers' homes in case of school closures as a result of COVID.

I am using the student number from the ID card but I'm receiving an error message and cannot view my photos.

Your webcode is printed right below your student ID number. Please use that code to view and order your photos.

Why is the background green?

Our photographers use a green backdrop when they photograph the students to allow you, the customer, to choose different backgrounds. When an order is placed, each individual image is colour-corrected, and the green in and around the hair and/or clothing is removed during this process. Don't worry, online proofs are first-run copies of raw files and ALL REMNANTS OF GREEN WILL BE REMOVED IN YOUR FINAL PRODUCT. Your finished product will not show green around hair and/or clothing.

Why can’t I crop the images?

Our professional lab staff have pre-set our cropping process using industry standards and predetermined ratios in order to give your photos the best possible proportions.

How long do you keep photos?

We keep photos for up to 5 years in our database, during which you are still able to order online. In the odd case where the images are not available online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I make a single order for all of my children?

Yes, you can create one order for multiple students. In the cart of your first order, enter the additional student’s webcode in the “switch login code” field and then create your second order. Keep repeating the process for all additional orders.

Is there a discount for large families?

Yes. If you bundle 3 or more students photographed by Mountain West Studios and who live in the same household, you will receive a 25% discount off your order.

My photos are too dark.

As there are a variety of skin tones in Canada, varying from fair to dark, we calibrate our printers to print the best skin tone for every student. In this process, some students might look darker or lighter than their actual skin tone. Please contact us for assistance.

I do not use a credit card. How do I order?

You may try using a VISA debit or Interac card. If your bank is listed on the Interac website, then your payment will be processed. You may also mail us your order with a cheque or money order to our Burnaby Offices at 6869 Merritt Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5J 4R5.

Can I get more prints done with digital images?

Yes, the High Resolution Download option allows printing for up to an 8x10 size sheet.

Can I collect the photos from the Burnaby Studio?

Yes. When ordering, please type “Call for Pickup” in the shipping address section. We will give you a call once the order is ready for pickup.

How do I order my staff photos?

 All staff will receive a complimentary High Resolution (printable) digital download this year. Below are the steps for ordering:

  1. Visit myorder.mountainwest.ca/signin
  2. Enter your email address and 8-digit webcode.
  3. Select 2 favourites.
  4. Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right (next to the cart).
  5. Click on “Shop” and then click on “Staff”.
  6. Click on ‘Details".
  7. Click on "Build your High-res Download".
  8. Select the 2 favourite poses.
  9. Add to Cart, then go to Cart.
  10. Complete the address details.
  11. Click on "complete order, no payment required"

Your processed high-res (printable) download will be ready 10 business days after you place your order. To download:

  1. Visit download.mountainwest.ca
  2. Enter the 8-digit web code
  3. Enter the sales order number that you will receive after completion of the order.
  4. Download your images.